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Subject: Whitespot
by nith on 10/11/2010 13:46:10

Hi guys,
I have a orca 550 that I set up in Jan. Things were going great and I was sticking to 20% water changes until about a month ago when I blew my back out and was unable to lift the RO canisters. Only managed to do small water change once in the last month until weekend when I was able to buy more RO and did a 50% water change to compensate. Anyway I now have what seems to be a whitespot problem thats claimed my royalo gramma and one of my clowns and my other clown is definitely infected.

What causes whitespot and can it be treated with dosing tank like my freshwater tank?

Someone recommended a UV Steriliser which I have ordered. Will this work? I never want to lose another fish again except to old age. It was heart breaking which is why I will try anything to prevent this from happening.