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Re: Marine tank opinions

Subject: Re: Marine tank opinions
by EagleC on 8/6/2010 10:33:03

The Juwel filter is not really well suited to a marine setup. Many people use juwel tanks for marine because they're good quality cheap tanks and when you take out the filter, add a sump, put lighting over it and make all the other adjustments you can end up with a very nice set up.

You may find that by the time you've added the required flow and lighting it just isn't worth buying a juwel over a 180L marine tank that is designed for purpose. Not that it wouldn't work it's just that from experience I'd expect it to work out more expensive and much more troublesome in the long term.

Why no skimmer? How will you deal with excess proteins and nutrients removal? I don't think the water changes alone will be enough.