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hitch hikers

Subject: hitch hikers
by nith on 20/5/2010 21:01:36

Hi all,
I have just set up a marine aquarium boyu tl-550. I acquired some live rock and almost immediately I started noticing hitch hikers. I was wondering if there is any online reurces where I can go to identify what they are and if they are beneficial or harmful to my intended reef.

What I have seen so far,

Lots and lots of small white snails which appear to be feeding on the algae.

one snail about 1 or 2 cm diameter shell. Dark brown and beige shell.

Some tiny brown shrimp like worms. Move around in short sharp bursts relatively quickly.

One crab thing about an inch wide that camouflages well. Only seen once in the 4 weeks that I have had the rock and that was today which prompted me to write this. Given that I have been rock gazing for two weeks and only seen the crab once means he is probably more nocturnal and stays hidden.

I will try to get pics but my camera is rubbish.

Any advice as my water parameters suggest its time for first stock and I don't want to buy tank janitors only to have them get munched by rogue snails or crabs.