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Re: Dory

Subject: Re: Dory
by Freakyshrimp on 3/2/2010 10:09:48

Hi crackerjack, firstly sorry to hear you are having problems at the moment. Could you just confirm your test results as regards to Nitrite?, did you get it mixed up with Nitrate in your earlier post?, which test kits are you using ?. If you are getting a reading of more than zero then your tank isn't cycled properly. Looking back through your history you don't mention anything about fishlessly cycling your tank. You have stocked the tank too quickly, ie 4 fish and corals in the three weeks since first setting up the tank. If the tank wasn't cycled properly all of your fish are at risk, even if they have managed to avoid whitespot from Dory. Please let us know how things are going so we can help.