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Re: Poorly Chromis

Subject: Re: Poorly Chromis
by robinscp on 23/1/2010 0:49:06


And as for the newbie piping up with that nonsense , do you not think that because something has been worked out throught trial and error to be correct that it's worth perserveing with it ?

Robin , people like you are the cause of so many unnessecary fish deaths its unreal ...

'Oh it'll be ok , just get on with it' ..... hilarious.

No one is giving you 'outdated' advice , just advice on how to give the fish the best chance of survival , that has been gleaned through years ( not just me , but of others too ) of fishkeeping. 25 years ago , it was thought that you had done well to keep a marine fish alive for a year in captivity.

Anyway , good luck with your tank.

Thanks for the great post Howard. Please let me address a few points.

1. Let me first start by saying that I am not a newbie.
Although time in the hobby means nothing IMO.

2. My name is Craig Robinson by the way not Robin.

3. My comment was not aimed at old fish keepers but those that frequent UR.

I have spoken to Mike about this problem and I am confident that he has not taken a step wrong.
I feel that the issue is with the fact that the fish have been directly imported and have had no time in quarantine.
Yeah sure Ideally Mike should quarantine his fish before adding them to his tank but I am sure 90% of us don't.

Regarding the stocking to fast issue, The live rock that Mike bought was fully cured and already a fully colonised bacterial filter and Mike began stocking his tank at an acceptable rate (IMO)

Seen as you are such a marine expert Howard, I look forward to viewing the pics of your reef tank because it must be amazing.