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Re: How do I reduce Nitrate Level?

Subject: Re: How do I reduce Nitrate Level?
by Freakyshrimp on 4/11/2009 22:45:00

Firstly, have you tested your RO water directly as it comes out of the unit and before you catch it in your container, then test again when it has stood for a while in your collection container, then test again after adding and mixing in your salt to rule out any issues with that? If you get pre-mixed from LFS test that instead. If theres no issues with your freshly mixed water it could be that you are overfeeding or overstocked (I'm not familiar with your stock level or tank size). Do you rinse your frozen food in RO water before feeding? it can be very high in nitrates and phosphates if you don't. Have you tried another liquid test kit and got an equally high result? It's best to rule everything out before going to the expence of a nitrate reactor.