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Re: Flatworms

Subject: Re: Flatworms
by Hodgey1978 on 1/8/2009 9:24:19

Good news flat worm fans I have discovered what looks like at least a temporary solution. He is called a Blue Velvet Slug. I went into my local fish shop asking about the 6line wrasse but the guy pointed these things out so I bought one immediately. He is quite pretty actually too - the best looking slug I have ever seen in fact.

There are snags:

- they eat the worms to near extinction but when they finish eating them they die due to starvation. (I am not currently worried about this at the moment due to the sheer scale of my flatworm problem)
- they are supposedly difficult to keep (mine has been in over a week and seems fine)
- they are sensitive to nitrate etc (Not a problem in my tank at the mo)

For all this I am willing to take the risks and my little chap is currently happily slithering over my rocks chomping the flatworms - brilliant!

http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/pr ... =497+524+2198&pcatid=2198