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Re: Flatworms

Subject: Re: Flatworms
by Hodgey1978 on 13/7/2009 21:03:27

Thanks that is interesting.

I am in two minds about the mandarin - they are really interesting fish and my now 85kgs of live rock is literally crawling with suitable food. The flip side is though I would hate for one to starve to death in my tank. Has anyone successfully kept one for a decent length of time or for that matter the wrasse?

Although I said in my previous post increased flow has had limited success, the flatworms do not like it. I keep on aiming my powerheads at rock covered in the flatworms and they clear/blow off it within 20 mins. The problem is they just seem to regroup somewhere else hours later where the flow is less. I am hoping I am doing some damage to their numbers by doing this though.