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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by Hodgey1978 on 19/4/2009 18:28:46

There is really no need to take your ball home. I do need advice and there is an awful lot of advice around because one of the things that makes this hobby so interesting is that everyone has a different opinion.

I have read lots of your posts on this forum and you clearly make a big contribution and help lots of people out. I also understand that you clearly have the welfare of the livestock in your mind much of the time and I fully agree with your sentiments. I have just spent ?2.5k on my set up to get the best gear and biggest tank I could afford and also lots of time researching for the very reason that if I am to be selfish enough to have an ornamental reef tank, funding the industry of plucking creatures out of the sea in the process, I want to do it to the very best level that I can. I would not knowingly make my first step one which I thought significantly put at risk the lives of my first corals and clean up crew in my new tank.

For this reason, I am grateful for your opinions as I am sure lots of people are but please try and tone it down a little - people need help through shared experiences and discussion. There is no need to wade in all guns blazing!

For the record my corals and CUC are doing well and my water quality is good. I am doing everything I can to try and keep it that way but taking nothing for granted.