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Re: Has anyone got the aquamarine 900???

Subject: Re: Has anyone got the aquamarine 900???
by lr85ninety on 3/5/2009 17:44:15

samuel nem's require powerful lighting or at least most do its strongly suggested that halides are a bare minimum for almost all nems but given todays high output t5's (ati and korralin ect) these should be suitable at shallower depths, also everything i have read (im no expert but have been researching into getting a bubbletip) suggests if a nems white its already dieing as they can take such a long time to pass away so to speak. nems should only ever be kept in a large well matured aquarium by experienced fishkeepers, im not saying your not but with so many nems taken out the sea and sentenced to death for the aquatics trade its about time we take responsibility for giving adequate advice HTH