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Intervene to save Corydas eggs?

Subject: Intervene to save Corydas eggs?
by nathangoudie on 20/11/2019 12:20:15


So this morning I saw my school of bronze corydas acting like they are breeding and now I saw quiet a few eggs on glass and plants.

I've never successfully bred cory catfish before so Im not sure if I should intervene or not to increase the egg surviability

I googled around and some says it's not necessary as scrapping off the eggs can damage it while others say I should move the eggs to a seperate tank to rear the fries.

The tank is 1.7m long and heavily planted with tank mates:
- 2 blue phantom plecos (Young, less than 10cm long)
- 12 Bronze cories
- 12 Sterbai cories
- Bunch of pest snails (Malaysian trumpet mostly)

The majority of the eggs are also near the water out flow of the filter so I'm also concerned that maybe when the eggs hatched, the wrigglers or fries will be sucked into the filter canister.

So should I leave the eggs like that or should I do something?