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Fry growth...

Subject: Fry growth...
by Shubunkin72 on 2018/12/19 18:52:35

Hi, six weeks on from the birth of my unexpected fry and all is looking good...although I did lose one last week, he was the smallest and although he looked ok, I guess he wasn't doing so well...poor little chap.
Anyhow, the largest is an inch long and looks like a monster compared to the others! Two are about three quarters of an inch long, and two of the remaining three are just over half an inch, with the smallest just a tad shorter...these three are also quite skinny although they seem lively and well.
I'm surprised at the difference in sizes as they were all pretty much the same up until week four when Obi, the largest had a sudden growth spurt and doubled in size that week and again the week after. Button and Weirdo (he's such an odd, grumpy looking little thing) also had obvious growth, but Seven, Fry and Pumpkin only grew a little...and haven't shown any significant growth for the past two weeks. They all have all their fins nicely developed, and have started to develop colour patterns...the only difference is the size.
They're at 24°C, have a 60% water change daily, when I also remove all the uneaten food from the bottom of the tank. And they're fed BBS, crushed dried daphnia and Liquifry 3 Baby Plus, they have a selection of these 5-6 times a day. For the first month they had only BBS.
Is it normal for such a huge difference in size, or am I doing something wrong? I realise that most breeders would have culled the tiddlers...but they're my grandfish :)
Any advice welcome...worried that as Obi continues to grow he may soon be able to eat the smaller ones! Although, he can go in the big boy's tank when he's a little bigger :)