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Angel eggs

Subject: Angel eggs
by suilaire on 28/1/2013 22:41:41

Hi folks

I have an Amazonian set up, with 4 angel fish of whom 2 have paired off. They laid eggs tonight, and both were busy with them, making all the right moves... I have a nursery tank full of cory fry just now, so thought I'd try to rear the angels too. I gave them a couple of hours, then removed the leaf on which they'd laid. Since then I've read you should leave them for 24 hours, as that is how long the fertilisation period takes. Have I failed?!

I removed them more quickly as it is a community tank and the angels usually give up their territorial behaviour and either let someone else come in and eat the eggs, or they do it themselves, within a couple of hours.

What are their chances? And how long before I know if they've made it?

Thanks, Cristina