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Lucky goldfish fry.

Subject: Lucky goldfish fry.
by Jellybean on 28/9/2011 16:20:21

Well yet again i discovered goldfish fry in the external filter (about a month ago now). I couldn?t bear the thought of pouring them down the drain and besides Mr J fell for them in a big way. He?s in awe at how they managed to survive the filter so I have them in a nursery tank (really useful storage box) with a tiny fluval 2 (in a pop sock so it cant suck them in). Even on the lowest setting the filter buffets them about, they will be healthy swimmers should I be able to raise them. 1 is about 1.5 cm, 2 are a touch smaller and 2 are absolutely weeny, they look like eyelashes with big eyes. I haven?t told Mr J how big a tank they are going to need yet, I?ll let him figure that one out on his own