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Re: Feeding Garlic

Subject: Re: Feeding Garlic
by finnipper on 2/11/2013 22:54:48

The aquarium use of garlic is meant to appeal to the people who think natural is best. It is aimed at fish keepers who prefer new age medicines, herbalism, homeopathy ect. Apart from being a mild appetite stimulant, which it does by mimicking the effects of insulin it has little other use in fish keeping.
If it is used as a remedy for things like white spot, so much is required to have an effect that the fish would be living in garlic soup:

Some of the chemicals found in garlic do kill the protozoa at very high doses. When tested it took 570mg/l of garlic extract to kill the parasite totally (a clove of garlic typically contains about 4mg of the active ingredient allicin, meaning that 142 cloves of garlic per litre of water would be required as an effective white spot therapy) while it only took 0.25 mg/l of malachite green to do the same.

If you want to treat yourself with these crackpot remedies that's your choice. But when an animal in your care falls ill you are duty bound to provide the most effective proven treatment.