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Re: Tank crash help!!

Subject: Re: Tank crash help!!
by fcmf on 31/3/2020 13:40:49

Sorry that I wasn't able to reply yesterday.

Can I just check if that's your tap water or your tank water that those liquid-based test kit results are for?

If it's for tap water, then great that your nitrates are at 0 - that ought to mean that you'll be able to keep tank water nitrates at 20 or less, but may need to adjust the volume and frequency of water changes to be able to achieve that and nitrites and ammonia at 0 each time.

I think if you can maintain tank water at 0 for ammonia and nitrite and <20 for nitrates, the tank and its inhabitants will take care of themselves. Don't consider buying any more fish until you've managed to keep these levels stable for several months.

As for the PH, is the liquid-based test kit showing the same results for tapwater and tankwater? Test now but also test the tapwater again after you've let a tube of tapwater stand for 24+ hours - sometimes water suppliers buffer the PH so a true reading will occur after 24+ hours.