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Green Microscopic Algae Problem

Subject: Green Microscopic Algae Problem
by Swimmer2 on 15/1/2020 18:57:09

I have a problem with the water in my tank turning green with floating microscopic algae. I've tested the water and the phosphate level is low. I have a good working filter and live plants.

Reaching for my pot of algae control liquid, I see that it says it shouldn't be used where there are live plants. I can reduce the feed levels and maybe increase the frequency of water changes but are there any other ways of ridding the tank of its green water?

It's a 60L tank with a humble community of Leopard Danios, Neon Tetras and an algae eater. I've recently had the sad demise of two good-sized (10cm) Clown Loaches, both within a week of each other. They were about 6 years old.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.