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Re: I don't know what I need to do next with my fishless cycling!

Subject: Re: I don't know what I need to do next with my fishless cycling!
by AmiJane on 26/12/2019 22:53:32

Sorry to jump on this post but thought better than having yet another cycling post. I’m confused by the cycling article and need a bit of help please

3) The following day use the ammonia test kit to measure the ammonia in the tank.If it’s below 3ppm (parts per million) use the ammonia calculator below to calculate how much ammonia to add to bring the level back to 3ppm. It may take several days before you see a significant drop.
4) Repeat step 3 every day. This process is to start the cycle off (the initial bacterial growth) and keep the bacteria alive by feeding them ammonia at the correct concentrations in the tank water.
5) After about a week you can start to test for nitrite in the water. Ammonia is converted to Nitrite in the first part of the cycle so when you can detect it, it means the cycle has started.
6) Continue testing for ammonia every day. Whenever it drops below 3ppm add enough ammonia to bring the level back up to 3ppm using the calculator to obtain the correct dose. Also test for nitrite every other day. You should see nitrite rise and then start falling after a few weeks

Adding Fish
When ammonia and nitrite readings have returned to zero the cycle has completed. If your nitrate reading is above 40 you will need to do some water changes to bring this down. Test your tap water for nitrate first, it may be too high to use to dilute the nitrate in the tank.
The bacteria will need a constant supply of ammonia to keep the cycle going so if you have a cycled tank and aren’t adding fish just yet you need to keep the bacteria alive by continuously adding ammonia or food.

If the ammonia reading needs to be 0 but you have to keep topping it up to say 3ppm how do you know when it has actually finished the cycle as surely will always have an ammonia reading from where you keep adding it?

From the above post am I right in saying if the ammonia reading is 0 and you add more to top up to 3ppm then after 24 hours both ammonia and nitrite are 0 that’s then it? Just want to be 100% sure!