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Re: Fishless cycle is just not working, guidance needed....

Subject: Re: Fishless cycle is just not working, guidance needed....
by Antmatz on 9/10/2019 20:59:55

Hi sorry to hijack this thread but the advice on this thread leads me to believe I may need to do a water change, thought I’d jump on this post rather than endless cycle posts.

I’ve stated with a completely sterile tank and started the cycle process following the great guide on here, over 6 weeks or so ago, It took almost 3 weeks before my ammonia started to drop and I started to get nitrite readings. “Great” I thought, halfway there. Feeding every day since using the calculator and bottled ammonia, but nitrites have never dropped since spiking a few weeks ago. The last few days the ammonia reduction has stalled too. At one point it was returning to near 0 from 4ppm daily, but now only dropping about 1ppm?

Tank is a biorb life 60 with plenty of rock media. Temps are steady 26 degrees c.

The only thing I changed was I added 4 smallish live plants around 2 weeks ago. I hope this hasn’t caused any issue?

Nitrates are high, will this be the cause of the stalling?

Happy to create a new post if needed.