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Frequency of water changes in a new tank

Subject: Frequency of water changes in a new tank
by LisaSimon on 11/9/2019 19:21:58


Fish were first added to my new tank on 24th August - before that it had been cycling for a week - from 17th August.
After the initial cycle I took a water sample to my lfs who tested it & said it was now safe to add fish to. So I added my fish and they said to do 10% water changes every 2 days while the filter builds up the safe bacteria (sorry I don’t know all the correct lingo yet!), and to feed them a couple of pellets per fish every 2-3 days.

I’ve been doing this religiously and everything seems fine, have been testing with tetra 6 in 1 test strips every few days and I think everything is looking good. N02 was borderline for a few days but so far so good - the lfs said that was normal and just to continue with the water changes - that was about 10 days ago.

So my question is, how long should I keep doing 10% water changes for and when is the right time to feed them daily? I feel like I’m starving them at the moment!