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Re: Second tank and moving fish!

Subject: Re: Second tank and moving fish!
by fcmf on 11/9/2019 4:44:28

Generally, bettas are best kept on their own (a single male on its own or a sorority of females) rather than with other fish. Sometimes, depending on the personality of the individual fish, it is possible to keep them with other fish, but it's always best to have a back-up plan if the situation goes awry - such as transferring the other fish into the larger tank (subject to compatibility with the fish in there).

The filter currently in your 60L tank will have sufficient bacteria in its filter media to support the fish in that tank (i.e. process their waste). All you need to do is fill the 200L tank with dechlorinated water (unless you use RO water, in which case ensure that it's in the same proportions as in the 60L), ensure that the temperature reaches the same as in the 60L tank, then transfer the 60L tank's filter and its media plus the fish together into the 200L. If you decide to transfer over the substrate and decor, that's fine too as some beneficial bacteria live there too albeit most of it is in the filter.

Personally, I find that: fish inhabiting the upper levels of the tank (e.g. rasboras) will quite willingly swim into a jug and thus making for an easy / stress-free transfer; fish inhabiting lower levels (e.g. tetras) are best moved via a couple of large nets, ideally guiding them into a green-coloured net which is more easily associated with safety due to being plant-coloured.