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Re: Newbie- stocking advice

Subject: Re: Newbie- stocking advice
by Fishlady on 9/9/2019 14:57:21

If you don't want breeding that rules out the livebearers (platy, molly, guppy, endler, swordtail), but they wouldn't like your soft water anyway.

You could go for a pair or group of angelfish, a school of larger tetras like the phantoms or lemon tetras and a shoal of Corydoras such as Corydoras sterbai . If you don't like angels you could have a couple of pairs of Apistogramma instead. Alternatively, go for an Asian stock list and have a group of honey gourami, a shoal of one of the more peaceful barbs such as the rosy barb or harlequin rasboras and some dwarf chain loaches.