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Molly fish has had ick for almost a month, done everything, wont go away.

Subject: Molly fish has had ick for almost a month, done everything, wont go away.
by ScottQ97 on 16/8/2019 2:41:24

So i recently just started getting into fishkeeping and I started out with a 20 gallon tank that I decided I would get tropical fish for.

I set up the tank and cycled the water for a month,Then I got 2 mollies from my local PetSmart and bought 6 guppy babies from a breeder, things were going great the first few weeks after that.. then my one molly got ick

it got bad pretty fast but I noticed it quick enough, I went out and bought some Ick medication (not sure what kind but its a pitch blue color) and I brought my tanks temp up to about 85-86 degrees

2 of my guppies died but the rest of my fish survived the ick infestation and the majority of the ick seemed to be killed off.

So as we speak, All my other fish have NO signs of ick on them anywhere, but the one fish that the ick seemed to latch onto first my white Molly still has ick.. It seemed to almost be completely gone but the other day i checked again and he has more spots...

since I see no signs of ick in the tank with my other fish, I decided to take out the white molly today and placed him in a smaller 10 gallon tank and am going to continue to treat him with the higher temp and medication, and i am going to continue to treat my other fish just to be safe, also to make sure any ick still on the bottom of the tank dies.

So what should I do? am I doing something wrong? Its just weird to me I cured all my other fish (atleast it appears to be) but the one fish?

Let me know, Thank you!