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Re: New tank set up with used filters

Subject: Re: New tank set up with used filters
by cheesecake_08 on 18/5/2019 21:22:01

Thank you for the reply Fishlady. The small tank had been set up 2 weeks prior to putting the fish in but it was a new filter and at the time I wasn’t aware of cycling, I just knew I couldn’t put fish in a new tank straight away. This tank spiked at a reading of 8 for ammonia (nitrites and nitrates still reading 0) and I did a 50% water change. So I’m not sure if this has started cycling with the fish in.

Would it be beneficial to put some of the small tank filter media into the larger tank? The larger tank has gone to PH 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 although I had trouble distinguishing between the colours so it may be less than 5.

So from your reply I assume that I would be better putting the fish into the larger tank now. Is that correct?