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New tank set up with used filters

Subject: New tank set up with used filters
by cheesecake_08 on 17/5/2019 21:57:37

Good evening,

I have recently “acquired” a 300 litre tank that had been previously set up for around a year. Due to the previous owners ill health I have taken it on. However after moving the tank to my home and rehousing the fish in a smaller tank, it has taken a week for me to set up the larger tank. The 3 filters were kept in bags and I haven’t cleaned them after reading that they can speed up the cycling.

1. Will the filters still be helpful for cycling the tank? Have they been out of water for too long?

On day 1 the reading were PH 6, ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0 and nitrate 0. I have added some API Quick Start to the tank upon recommendation but I am hesitant to put the fish in yet.

2. Has anyone used API Quick Start and is it safe for me to add fish now?

I am in no rush to add fish as I want to do it safely and not harm them. Just wanted some advice about the used filters as I have read that they can speed up the cycling.

Grateful for all replies so thank you in advance!