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Lethargic betta

Subject: Lethargic betta
by Pookie on 2019/2/12 13:19:05

Hi, looking for some advice about my male betta, Freddy Mercury, who is not his usual active self the last couple of days.
We have had him for a little less than a year, and he grew a fair bit after purchase, so I've no reason to think he's particularly old. He has always been relatively active, with periods of patrolling the tank and periods of rest, usually on plants and the tops of rocks/logs/equipment.
The last couple of days we have noticed that, although he still comes out for food, he is spending most of the time hiding in the caves or resting on the bottom of the tank, and generally looks sluggish and "not right". When he does swim there is no obvious issue apart from perhaps being less enthusiastic, but I may be imagining this. Equally, I think his colour is less vibrant but I'm not certain.
He lives in a 100L planted tank with a variety of placid tankmates and it is a very harmonious tank. We upgraded from 80L just before Christmas, but apart from that there have been no changes.
Any suggestions to try to improve his health? Or do we just have to watch and wait as long as there are no specific symptoms to point us in the right direction?
I'm not even sure what the life expectancy of these fish is normally....
Thanks in advance 🤞