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Fish suitability

Subject: Fish suitability
by mrloach on 5/2/2019 19:31:50

Hi. I have a 155 litre tank aquarium. The temp is 27 degrees.
We had some early problems.. and lost fish..
We currently have 1 angel fish. 6 neon tetras. 2 clown loaches. 1 golden plecco . 1 tiger barb (I think?? We had 4 originally)..a massive wood shrimp and 1 remaining I am not sure!!?? I have uploaded photos to help.
The tank is airated. I do a 10% water change 1 X a week , siphon the gravel 1 X ev 3 weeks. I hadn’t but am thinking I should clean the filters every month??(tell me if wrong - but when I checked after 4 weeks was filthy). I clean the filters in the water taken from the tank during water change..
Please advise on other suitable fish..
We did have 2 angels, but one died.. the surviving angel did seem aggressive to other fish but now solo does not seem to be.. Personally I would like another angel , but don’t want more trouble/deaths ..
We were also looking at maybe 2/3 silver sharks - but I have read that the tank would be too small for 3 mature sharks?? (Only quoting not stating!)
I would like some bright fish.. please advise and let me know your thoughts..