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Re: Fishless cycle nightmare

Subject: Re: Fishless cycle nightmare
by maccy_g on 13/5/2015 15:50:44

Wow, that does seem a long time without seeing any drop in ammonia at all.

Having said that though I recently set up my new puffer tank and it took around 10 days before I saw a drop in ammonia and I used seeded filter media from my other tank to move things along so perhaps 14 days without any media is still considered early days.

I can?t see anything in your set-up or your technique to suggest you are doing anything wrong, my first thought was low PH but then you went on to say that you have raised the PH using coral so this is strange.

The only thing I do know is that starting a fishless cycle from nothing, i.e no seeded media can take a VERY long time to kick off, I?ve heard of some cycles taking 6 weeks or more (probably the first 3 weeks waiting for the ammonia to drop and nitrites to rise) which is why people always say grab filter media if you can as that can shave a good 3-4 weeks off - my cycle took 2 ? weeks from start to finish with seeded media.