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Re: On the right track?

Subject: Re: On the right track?
by suey2 on 23/11/2014 15:16:45

Have you decided on what fish you want yet? To a certain degree that will influence the maintenance regime and decor as different species will have different requirements. Some species will benefit from an airpump, but others aren't especially bothered. They're nice to have though and can help circulation of water and prevent dead spots where the circulation is limited by decor etc.

But on the whole, your plan sounds about right

Once the fish are in it's wise to test the water weekly, just before you do a water change; to keep an eye on things change during the week. You'll also be able to judge if the water change needs to be a bit more depending on what's happening with the nitrate level.

If you're in a soft water area it would be a good idea to test for GH and KH and monitor that too. KH (carbonate hardness) is used up during the nitrogen cycle process and lack of carbonate hardness can stall the cycle and prevent the filter bacteria from doing their job. It can also cause a 'PH crash' whereby the water runs out of the ability to keep the PH stable as the buffering capacity is used up, the PH can then 'crash' becoming dangerously low and potentially killing the fish. Not nice, so definitely worth keeping an eye on! There's more info here which gives a nice explanation: http://fins.actwin.com/mirror/begin-chem.html