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Plec Poop

Subject: Plec Poop
by CB3100 on 11/11/2013 19:00:54

All of my fish are now nice and happy in there new home, during the week I went to my LFS and they gave a large amount of sponge from there filter system, it seems to have cycled after only week after rehoming it!

Also I bought a new Jewel unit light and now the plants are perking up, got the new unit and 2 new T5 tubes for ?60 + A dragon goby and red tailed shark. I need to know a good value for money plant fertiliser?

Now to my main problem, Phil (The common pleco) is leaving very large stringy poo all over my sand, its a nightmare to keep clean and the filer is not able to lift and suck it up as there so big and heavy, I am using my vac to clear most of it but it takes time and effort. Is there any other way around this? If I get a load of snails eat it?