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Re: Mbu Puffer fish

Subject: Re: Mbu Puffer fish
by finnipper on 15/10/2013 18:47:53

I'm quite surprised after reading message after message telling folk that their tank isn't big enough and with the big fish campaign being promoted on here, that this is even considered as being anywhere near adequate.

The absolute minimum for the width should be 2x the fish's adult length, and lets be honest even that wouldn't offer very much for the fish's quality of life. The slow moving argument has never been used when accessing the tank size required for fancy goldfish so why is it being used for this fish?

Unless these and similar fish can be housed properly, i.e where they can exhibit natural behaviour they really shouldn't be kept. Remember, these fish are similar in size to most koi!!! In my opinion 1200 gall is the absolute minimum.