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Re: Another newbie, haven't a clue!

Subject: Re: Another newbie, haven't a clue!
by DaveGodfrey on 29/5/2013 8:30:35

The dwarfs will do better in a tank which warms and cools with the ambient temperature. Their upper limit is the same as for Platys and Endlers, but they won't like it permanently. That will get too cold for Endlers or Platys.

While both Endlers and Platys are very prolific at producing babies, Least Killies don't produce nearly so many offspring at a time- the female will drop one every couple of days or so for a few weeks before taking a break. Endlers will drop lots of fry at the same time, and then start again, so its very easy to get overstocked with them. That won't happen to anything like the same degree with the Least Killies- the best way to keep them is in a self-perpetuating colony.