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Re: New tank

Subject: Re: New tank
by DaveGodfrey on 1/4/2013 14:58:17

Take a bit of the goldfish filter out and swap it with the filter for the betta tank. The bacteria will gradually spread to the new media over a couple of weeks (as you've culled some of their population). Using this as a starting colony you can then put it in the new tank and start adding ammonia. You may find you get an "instant cycle" that way, but it isn't guarantee, so I'd test it out with ammonia rather than fish obviously. You'll certainly reduce your cycling time.

The sponge filter needs an air pump to work. the pump forces air though the sponge pullin water with it and circulating the water over the bacteria living on the sponge. They're very popular with betta keepers as they don't create much water movement. Shrimp keepers like them too, as the shrimp will pick morsels of food off them. (Whether you can keep shrimp and bettas together depends on the personality of the betta.)