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Re: Water quality

Subject: Re: Water quality
by craig_h on 3/4/2013 20:47:07

Hi Fishlady

I'm so sorry for the late reply !
I have had internet issues and i can't seem to log in on my phone !

I read your post though and have followed your advice to try and get to the bottom of the problem. I have been doing weekly water changes of 25% for the last 4 months and after my water levels being great for the first 2months of having my tank I became lazy and didn't perform tests on my water quality.

When i decided to do a test i found the results i previously posted. I have now managed to get my ammonia level down to 0.25 ppm.

I have changed my filter but managed to keep the same media and my tank water is circulating so much better. I'm hoping this will help also with my water quality.

My fish stock at the moment is
1 angel fish
4 silver dollars
1 porthole catfish
1 gibby pleco

My friend is taking my silver dollars and my angel fish for his 4ft tank as they will be better off in there than in my 3ft !

He is taking them in the morning so this should also help me get my water levels back on track !!

How much water should I be changing to help me fight my ammonia levels ?

Thanks for you time !!