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Re: First Ever Aquarium - Quarantine Question

Subject: Re: First Ever Aquarium - Quarantine Question
by TetraLinz on 1/8/2012 13:55:19


Skulk wrote:
I was worried that there wouldn't be sufficient bacteria for the QT filter, and not enough left for the filter in the DT.

That's why I suggested keeping an eye on ammonia and nitrite for a few days after getting the second batch of fish


Would it be necessary to do greater and/or more frequent water changes while the bacterial population catches up, or is there some margin for error?

It would only be necessary to carry out additional water changes in either/both tanks if you find an ammonia/nitrite spike. If ammonia and nitrite remain 0ppm, all you'd have to do is carry out the weekly water changes as per normal.


It occurred to me that once the DT had cycled, I could move the QT filter into the QT and maintain the bacteria with ammonia until I'm ready to get more fish.

Of course you could. Just as long as you keep the filter "fed" with a supply of ammonia every day.

At the end of the day, it's entirely up to you whether to cycle the QT filter independently of the main tank/filter, but having "borrowed" some media from my main tank for my own QT, I can honestly say I've never experienced any problem with ammonia or nitrite. Of course, the first time I used some of the media, I was nervous in case it didn't work, but I needn't have been. The bacteria are already there - it's not like they have to start from scratch again, so they recover their populations quicker than bacteria establishing a new territory in an unclyced filter.