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Re: siamese fighter death

Subject: Re: siamese fighter death
by Jellybean on 14/8/2011 4:47:27


amusingmax wrote:
i will also do a full water test tommoz when i am back home and post the results on here. amusingmax

Why would you want to do a full water change?

Your water is murky because it is trying to cycle. Only ever do a 25-30% water change at any one time. As your tank is currently trying to cycle you are seeing a bacterial bloom which will clear as the cycle progresses.

Test your water every day, your test results when cycled should read, Ammonia 0 NitrIte 0 with Nitrates as low as possible, you will never get your nitrate to 0 as this is the final stage of the nitrogen cycle which needs to be diluted during a weekly partial water change. Anything other than the results above, require daily partial water changes to relieve the stress and toxins on the fish.

As Noodle said you have some decisions to make on which of the fish you can keep in your water and tank size as not all your fish are suitable.

PS. live plants are the best option for fish and can only improve your water quality as long as they are not dead and rotting, and your fish will eat them as you've seen and is good for their diet.