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Re: Lethargic Loach

Subject: Re: Lethargic Loach
by Bubblebloke on 1/2/2011 18:43:59

Well, I think he's gone now though I can't find the remains. The shop gave me a repalcement, some of their stock looked very small and thin so I selected a larger one this time. Thanks for all your advice!
I've disconnected the co2 controller as it appeared to be giving inaccurate readings. I'm told that the probes don't last so I've ordered a new one.
I've checked all the parameters with API and Nutrafin kits and come up with the following.
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10ppm
GH 180 ppm
KH 60 ppm
PH 7.4

I know the ph is on the high side but within recommended limits, with co2 back in this should come down slightly. Any comments on the others ie GH & KH.