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Re: Lethargic Loach

Subject: Re: Lethargic Loach
by Bubblebloke on 29/1/2011 16:32:43

Yes, recent results. I'm aware of the size issue but have already agreed with my ifs that they'll take them back before they outgrow the tank. The flying foxes have been in for about 3 months, they came from Maidenhead so I assume they know what they're talking about. There doesn't seem to be any aggression towards the loaches or any other fish.
I thought 25% weekly was a little over the top? I measure the levels regularly and they never get out of range.
As for the co2, that's a tough one. I use it because I failed to get live plants growing and used plantgrow which sent the plant growth into orbit and also choked the tank with algae. With the co2 I appear to have a balanced tank with steadily growing plants and low levels of algae.
i have to admit to being a little confused by the ph, gh and gk measurements though.
All my fish appear healthy (apart from a recent attack of cottonmouth on my Angels, qt'd, treated, now OK)
As I write the Clown has disappeared and may have already gone to fishy heaven.