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Re: Bemusing bothersome bog-wood bubble....

Subject: Re: Bemusing bothersome bog-wood bubble....
by EagleC on 6/9/2010 9:17:55

I think you're probably just seeing the effects of water losing some of its gasses. as you know if you leave a glass of water on the side overnight in the morning it's got bubbles stuck to the glass all the way round.
These little bubbles form everywhere but are redissolved and/or escape through the water surface over time so you never normally notice them. In a normal tank that bubble forming under the bogwood would eventually just bob to the surface and be gone. Then a new one would slowly build up. With the closed top design of the edge it just makes the process more obvious.

Keep your eyes open for the problems Cathie and Suey described but I think you'll find that the only fix would be to ensure that the top slopes towards the opening so the bubble can escape when it forms.