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Re: Any Pleco experts please?

Subject: Re: Any Pleco experts please?
by suilaire on 4/9/2010 16:12:49

Hi Noodle

Thanks for your PM, but I am afraid I am no expert on plecs.

I think it will come down to the individual fish - plecs are pretty laid back creatures, so I wouldn't expect there will be a problem... But make sure there is plenty of food, so no fighting, and plenty of hidey holes for them if they need to get out of each other's way. I'd suggest large pieces of bogwood with holes/gaps and/or pipes/tunnels.

Is there any way you could take the sailfin on a trial basis?

Hope someone more experienced comes along. Only tank I know with several large plecs is at North Queensferry, the Deep Sea World piranha tank - which has at least a dozen full size plecs living in harmony.