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Re: Reverse Osmosis units.

Subject: Re: Reverse Osmosis units.
by EagleC on 16/8/2010 10:28:37

The ro-man website is back up - - but they did have something going on last year so it's worth checking they're ok before sending your cash!
http://www.ro-man.com/shop/product_in ... th=22_91&products_id=1573

As Cathie says, you need a TDS meter to ensure that the water after filtration is pure. You need this whether you make your own or buy it. A pen type TDS meter is cheap from ebay and you just dip it in the water to see how pure it is.

The GPD (gallons per day) rating on an RO unit is under ideal conditions, which means that the water is warmer and under more pressure than it's likely to be in real life. You can half that to get a more realistic GPD figure. I have 100GPD unit, this results in about 2.5 hours to fill a 25L jerry can. I also have a 3 gallon tank though that holds about 15L under pressure so I can actually fill the first 25L can in about 25 minutes.
One with a pressure gauge is good as this is an excellent diagnostics tool.

If you're making your own you also need to consider the costs of replacement filters and possibly DI resin. Not too expensive but needs to be done every 6 months.