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Re: Betta community idea...

Subject: Re: Betta community idea...
by Dazzler83 on 17/6/2010 20:23:49

I'm going to go against the general oppinion that a male must be kept alone. i myself have kept 3 bettas two of which were in comunity tanks. first was a crown tail called dave he lived in a 90ltr in the end with a candy stripe plec and a small shoal of corydora hastatus (spelling?) second was a veil tail called james he lived in a 125ltr with some weird rainbow fish that we were given because a work mate couldnt look after them shrimp and snails. the third i still have and its the only tank that is still running is 4' ish long and about 200ltrs is a harem with a male and two females heavily planted one lot of fry that didnt doo well next lot i'm geared up to do a better job.

i guess i'm trying to say that a community is possible but the fish that you will have to chose must be chosen with care so as you dont endanger any fish. nothing bright or fast so as not to stress the betta into trying to fight what it will never catch. nothing with bright flowing fins as not to allow the betta to attack thinking that it is an intruder into its teratory, nothing that will outgrow the betta and try to eat the betta.