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c sterbai dying

Subject: c sterbai dying
by flat_stan on 2/2/2010 21:32:51

would welcome help with this:

set my tank up in June last year - it's a bit over 200 litres with 2 extrnal Ehiem filters.

I stocked in this order after fishelss cycle:
6 red tailed rasbora
5 Corydoras sterbai
3 keyhole cichlid

Over the last 6 weeks I have lost 3 of the 5 Corys, one at a time and weeks between deaths.

The other fish appear fine but the remaining Corys don't look in great shape. They have very slightly bloated bellies and rapid gill movements.

0 ammonia
0 nitrite
5-10 ppm nitrate
8.2 ph

I know it is hard water for Corys but these are tank bred fish and the supplier kept them in london tapwater pH 8. They seemed fine for the forst 4 months or so.

The substate is sand and I'm wondering if it's gone anaeriobic somewhere? Nothing visible but Ihaven't taken everything out yet. Should I just syphon it all out and replace with gravel? Other problem is algae. It's been quite bad, I've cleaned a lot of it away but there is still brown and green alage gwoing quite profusely. Blue green was growing where the vallis leaves float on the surface so i had to cut them back severely. I don't knwo why there is so mcuh algal growth, I thought iit was just part of the tank maturing but it's been going on quite a few months now.

cheers for any advice.