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New tropical fish keeper advice

Subject: New tropical fish keeper advice
by darknite on 31/5/2009 14:23:50

Hello tropical regions of FK, my coldwater fish sadly passed away a few days ago leaving behind a 75ltr tank. I am thinking of getting tropical fish but have no clue about them what so ever. I've checked the articles section on FK and theres nothing there which shows a "rough starting out guide".

How would I go about starting my experience with tropical fish? I have a 75ltr tank, fluval U2 filter (2months old). I have just gave my tank a full clean (washed gravel, glass and put new water in).

Like coldwater fish do you also put in tapsafe to tropical fish water? I don't understand this as the interpet tapsafe I have only mentions goldfish?

I do know I have to cycle the tank, can anyone give me an idea about the tapsafe to reduce chlorine, how long to cycle and key points I should carry out before buying the tropical fish? Thanks.