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Re: Is there something wrong with my Angelfish

Subject: Re: Is there something wrong with my Angelfish
by Lskillan on 28/12/2018 23:36:17

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The heater is in an external filter so not heater burn, it does seem to be an injury. Thanks for the advice on tank size we are already talking about an upgrade to a 230L tank we have seen in the new year, I will probs also go for some plants too if we get the new tank, to help with the Nitrates.

Postcode search on United Utilities states following:

Water Hardness Clarke (English) = 7, online conversion to German = 5.62
CaCo3 = 100 ppm
Nitrate 9.41, so 20 above tap water gives me circa 30 for the tank, test strip colour between 25/50

I have two brands of test strip, so my readings for hardness seem to be correct with suppliers figures for my area. As for Nitrates the tank is due for a water change at the weekend, so No3 usual drops back down to <20 once done. Ammonia tests have been done with API fluid test kit, and I also have an in tank Ammonia alert as a permanent visual warning.

What are your thoughts on continuing with bicarb when doing the water change, I have read 1 tsp in 100L raises approx 2 dKH, so I usually add 1/3 tsp to my 30L water changes in an attempt to keep the figures up.

Also as I have just added aquarium salts, should I add more when doing this weekends water change, to help with the healing process of my Angelfish? ie enough salts for the 30L of new water.

Thanks for the advice. Lee