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mbuna and haps

Subject: mbuna and haps
by geoff on 30/7/2012 21:56:01

hi all ...... addiction is here !!! got a 2nd tank this to duplicate my rooms alcoves lol

going down the malawi route so here goes

water @ 8.00 ph consistent
gh @ 16.8
kh @ 7.2

tank size 100cm length x 40cm wide x 60 tall (250 lite)
substrate playsand and looking at limestone or slate for lots of hides and caves.

looking for mbuna for bottom dwellers of may be around 10 and been told Haps for top of tank ...may be 5/6 mediums

or alternatley if i stock the rocks etc higher will the mbuna take the space and so take more mbuna ???

hope this make sense ............Geoff