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Re: Tank swap.

Subject: Re: Tank swap.
by Jellybean on 31/3/2012 19:02:32

Thanks for getting back to me.

Hi Miss P, no your not being silly, it sounds good in practice but my lot are so chilled that very little I do scares them so I can?t guarantee them fleeing into their respective shells, most will just shoot off under a shell and hide.

Hi nathangoudie

I would love to be able to have two tank running but im struggling to figure out how Im going to do it.

I have stacks of mature media so that?s not a problem when setting up a new tank/filter. My tap water is only around 7.5 so I will have to set up a heated storage container to hold treated water soaking masses of coral to raise the PH and temperature ready to fill the tank. I want to use as much tank water as possible to make the transition as painless as possible for the little guys.

It?s a nightmare waiting to happen but necessary.