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Re: Which fish?

Subject: Re: Which fish?
by Euryale on 18/5/2007 13:51:41

BB gobies are the coolest fish and although they can be territorial towards each other Ive never seen them show any aggression towards other tanks mates. The key is too make sure each has there own space, a little nook/cave where they can make there home not too close to any of the other BBG's in the tank so they got there own patch. Even with each other the aggression ive seen has merely been chasing etc. Those dead coral thingies make good BBG homes and play areas. Ive always kept mine at an SG of around .005 and they've been doing well for a good few years now. They can be picky eaters though and ive read of ppl who have had to resort to live food period, though mine will take frozen easily.