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Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????

Subject: Re: Orca TL450 or 550?????
by Glenn2487 on 3/9/2010 20:09:57

Thx u both for the tips, so mind made up going for the orca 450. was looking for powerhead will koralia nano 900 be ok or can i go with less powerfull one, in regards to the skimmer does anyone know if you can still get the wg-310 i looked on ebay but only saw one from hong kong.
will c about getting the tank nextweek saw place on the net does tank and matching cabinet not the stand for ?179
Its going to take me awhile to get fully going and get the stuff in i need.
Oh 1 more question for now when you guys put in the live from do you use anything to fix them together i did see to use egg crates as base.

thxs again