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Re: The Official Aquaponics Thread

Subject: Re: The Official Aquaponics Thread
by Brigitte on 25/1/2013 23:45:33

Brilliant thread Onyxia! One day when I have more time and space I would love to give something like this a go


Fishlady wrote:
It won't be under a hood. The tank will be open topped with a luminaire as while I really like the idea of growing plants up top, I don't want to reduce the tank water level by too much as I still want a decent amount of fish in the water. So I don't think high humidity plants are an option.

In your larger set up what are the plants actually planted in? Or are they purely growing in the water? How do you hold them in place? I see the diagram has planting media, but how do you stop that from being washed into the tank? I'm probably missing something obvious, as I'm well-known for that (ask my OH)

FL, if I'm not mistaken, Onyxia has the same tank as me, an APS with the internal filter built into the hood as a tray system. I have a couple of pics of my hood from my original setting up blog, one of the basic trays that sit side by side on a runner within the hood (with an access flap/lid) and then one of the plastic baskets that sit inside these trays. I think Onyxia has the baskets in the trays, and has added a planting medium of some sort to the basket for the plants to take root in. The spraybar then lies across the top so the water trickles through the planting medium.

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